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 Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Drug Addiction Treatment Near Me

 Most Insurance Accepted! Alcohol Rehab Detox & Drug Addiction treatment Near Me Serving Adult Men and Women with Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders. Multiple Levels of Care. 

For years I had been plagued by my addiction. I would lose possessions and morals and regain them only to lose them again. I told myself life was manageable but I was naive. I thought one day I could put the drugs and alcohol down for good. After receiving a college degree I realized that all my dreams and ambitions had gone out the window and that did not bother me. I was more content struggling day today to get my fix rather that apply myself for a better chance at life. I was perfectly fine with surrounding myself with the wrong people and because of that, I did not see anyone beat their addictions. I thought that is where I belonged and I thought that I would die that way. The hope rose for me once I was introduced to the 12 steps at Brook Recovery, for the first time in my life I met people that I could relate with. These men had learned to curb the mental obsession to use, something I had never been able to do and I was intrigued. As I went through my journey at Brook Recovery I learned the necessary tools to not feel the need to get outside myself and to be content. With this relief, I was able to stop thinking of myself and to be a more selfless active member of society and that’s truly all I’ve ever wanted. Without this program, I don’t know where I would be today, but I am happy to say I am overly grateful to be a part of this amazing community


Joint Commission Accredited Facility. Most major insurance companies accepted. Alcohol Rehab Detox & Drug Addiction Treatment Near Me

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 Alcohol Rehab Detox & Drug Addiction Treatment Near Me

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