How To Find the Best Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center Near Me

Are you struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and looking for a recovery center near you to help? If so, there are a few things to consider before choosing a rehab facility, including accreditation, the treatment programs offered, staff qualifications, and other factors.

What To Look For in an Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center

Below are a few specific things to look for in an alcohol and drug rehab center near you:

Accreditation and Licensing

Make sure the rehab facility you’re considering is licensed and accredited by reputable health organizations. This ensures they follow a specific standard of best practices, and it’s likely the care you receive will be high-quality.

Variety of Treatment Programs

The facility should provide you with a variety of treatment options, ranging from outpatient services to Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) to programs that take place multiple times per day. Additionally, therapies should take place in the form of individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

Medical Detox

Medical detox is often the first step in drug or alcohol addiction recovery and is extremely important, helping to clear toxins from your body so that you’re better prepared for treatment and therapy. By offering a medical detox program, you’ll be monitored 24/7 during the detox withdrawal. Medications can also be provided by staff to help reduce the symptoms.

Staff Qualifications

Staff should be trained and certified in supporting both substance abuse issues and mental health conditions.

Mental Health Services

Your rehab facility should be able to address not only your drug addiction but also any co-occurring disorders (mental health conditions) through dual diagnosis treatment. These can include anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and many others. It’s important for your mental health to be factored into your treatment program since this will reduce your chance of relapse and help you better understand your addiction.

Reviews and Testimonials

Read through any reviews on websites and see what past clients have to say about their time at that rehab facility. While not every single review is necessarily accurate, they can paint a general picture of what to expect and any potential green and red flags.


Find out which insurance is accepted, which addiction treatment services are covered, and what you can expect in terms of out-of-pocket costs.

Personalized Approach

Last but not least, the best rehab facility should provide you with a personalized approach to your addiction treatment. Your journey will be different than someone else’s as everyone is their own person and has their own life experiences – make sure their treatment services reflect a whole-person approach. This will make it more likely that your needs are addressed during your time at the facility.

How To Find the Best Alcohol and Drug Recovery Center Near Me

How To Find a Rehab Facility Near You

Now that you know some key things to consider during your search for the best rehab facility, here are some specific ways you can find one near you:

Search Online

Start your search for drug and alcohol treatment centers by looking online for rehab facilities in your area. You can try terms including “addiction treatment near me” or “rehab facilities near me.” This can often provide a good starting point in your research.

SAMHSA’s Treatment Locator

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has an online directory of licensed drug and alcohol rehab centers across the U.S.

Ask a Doctor

Ask your primary care physician or doctor at a medical facility if they have any treatment facilities they recommend (they can also provide resources for substance abuse prevention if needed).

Insurance Provider

You can also consider speaking with your insurance provider – they can provide you with a list of addiction treatment facilities that are in-network near you and across the country and that also accept private health insurance.

Local Health Departments

Local health departments will most likely have a list of addiction treatment facilities in your area. These lists might also include low-cost treatment options and free drug rehab centers.

Support Groups

Talk with support groups, including NA and AA, for recommendations. Chances are, you’ll get first-hand feedback and reviews of drug and alcohol treatment facilities that people found helpful and/or didn’t like attending.

Once you’ve found a few rehab centers that seem like they might be a good fit, contact them to ask questions about their facility, treatment services offered, accreditations, and staff qualifications.

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