Day Treatment

Our most comprehensive treatment program. Designed to jumpstart healing and empowerment as you rebuild your life in recovery.




Day Treatment Services

Evaluation and Treatment Plans

BRC’s Day Treatment Program is our most intensive level of care providing a minimum of 25 hours per week of addiction treatment at our Rehab Center in Massachusetts. Whether in crisis, or discharging from Acute Treatment such as Detox or Residential Treatment, call today to see if our comprehensive foundation program is an appropriate fit for you. The program has been designed to help you construct a solid foundation for your recovery to excel from. Evidence-based practices, psychiatric services, and comprehensive recovery skills and wellness programming make this program truly unique to Massachusetts. This program can be attended from home or from the safety of a structured sober living environment.

5.5 Hours per Day

Transition from detox to recovery seemlessly. Our highest level of care to provide you with comprehensive treatment for your addictions.

Build Your Foundation

Designed to help you heal and find your own empowerment in recovery. Work with our clinical staff to build the foundation for your newfound life of freedom from addiction.

Talk With a Recovery Specialist

24/7 service. Same Day Consults are Available.